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December 1, 1950 -- Europeans, UN give MacArthur grief

Some things never change

Even though the UN approved the UN-led fight in Korea, the Europeans criticized the war effort there.

Front page of Syracuse Herald-Journal from December 1, 1950

Marines Battling out of Red Trap
No need for A-bomb says MacArthur Aid*
'We won't be pushed out of Korea'

Must meet Red Challenge
'Facing heavy odds,' MacArthur asserts

Frankfurt, Germany (UP) -- Gen. Douglas MacArthur said today that his United Nations forces are fighting in Korea against military odds without precedent in history, and warned that failure to meet the Red challenge there will leave it to "be fought, and possibly lost, on the battlefieds of Europe."

I told the general that ... European statesmen ...saw war in Asia as a nightmare, retarding the
successful organization of European defense. [snip]

As to the opinion in Europe, the general said: "There appears to be a general failure, intentional or from misinformation, to comprehend the mission prescribed for this command by resolutions of the United Nations of which their governments were joint architects and directors, or fairly to recognize that in success or adversity this command has proceeded unerringly in compliance with controlling policies and directives."

MacArthur said he could only attribute such comment to a "somewhat selfish, though most short-sighted, viewpoint.[snip]

"The issue is a global one and failure to comprehend this fact carries the germs of freedom's ultimate destruction. If the fight is not waged with courage and invincible determination to meet the challenge here, it will indeed be fought and possibly lost, on the battlefields of Europe."

*Truman had hinted, a day or so previously, that he might use the A-Bomb.


From page 16 of the same paper...

'Hampered by UN Curbs' -- MacArthur.

Washington (AP)-- Gen. Douglas MacArthure said today the military situation in Korea is serious and critical but not hopeless.

He added, however, that he regards as "an enormous handicap, without precedent in military operations," the United Nations restrictions against unlimited pursuit of the Chinese Communists and aerial attacks on their Manchurian bases.

MacArthur made the statement in a copyrighted interview with the Magazine U.S. News and World Report.


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