Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How many people remember

* 30,000 Americans died in Korea in (less than) 3 years (1950-52) of Democrat Truman's presidency? That means more than 10 times as many troops died under Truman as died under Bush in 3 years.
* MacArthur saying in November of 1950 that the war would be over by that Christmas?
* Truman said he was sending our troops to fight a "police action" against "bandits" who were threatening the Republic of Korea?


Blogger Chales K. Hebert said...

I remember this date of November 28, 1950. I also remember Korea.

My Father is listed on your page. He was 1st Lt. Charles K. Hebert U.S.Army. HQ, X Corps. He was listed as MIA on 11/28/50 near the Chosen Reservoir.

Thank you for posting this page. What was your reason? Did you know someone who was there?

If anyone is interested in sharing information about names of people who were there that may wish to talk about it, I would be interested.

Thank you,

Charles K. Hebert

9:47 AM  
Blogger Cap'n Bob said...

While I am not sure of the DATE, my father's one and only brother was declared 'MIA' in Korea. After all this time, we have generally conceded the fact that he is no longer living.

Korea and its 'police action' was a nasty little blip on our cold war radar - one which today seems to get very little attention.

Thanks for posting your blog.

9:37 AM  
Blogger T. Dempsey said...

Did you serve with Arthur J Fratus pfc army died Nov.28 1950 in korea?
Thanks tm.dempsey@yahoo.com

5:44 PM  
Blogger NeverForgotten18 said...

Looking for info on fallen Marine.

I'm writing a piece about a Marine who fell on 11/28/50 - William Roderick Burke. It's a remembrance piece. I have very little info on him. Other than casualty lists, do you or others have suggestions. I'm on Ancestry.com. Thanks.

Sam Louie

2:57 PM  

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