Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29, 1950 -- 264 American gave their lives for Korea

On November 29, 1950 The following 264 Americans died in connection with the fight for Korea's freedom

Vincent G Abbate, James D Adams , John A Aimer,
Charles R Albright, James A Anderson, Herbert Armbruster ,
Billy E Ash , Billie Joe Ashby , John Edward Baker, George E Baty ,
William Bernard, Ralph J Bax, Frederick B Bean, Richard R Beard, Floyd K Bell,
Alfred J Bernardy, Leonard J Best, James Elmer Beville, Earnest H Boman,
Raymond Trammell Bowers, Donald Joseph Bradley, Furman T Brendle,
Edward O Brown, Edward J Bucholtz, Billie J Byard, Joseph B Cabiness,
Charlie A Campbell, Vernon L Campbell, Richard Augustine Campos, Harold J Carr, Clyde M Carter, William Alfred Casey, Lester T Chase, Arthur A Chidester,
Robert L Childs, Clinton Clark, Dow Jay Clark, Alfred W Clowers,
Raymond W Colflesh, Donald Ray Collier, Edmond Jr Collins Jr, James E Collins, Campbell D Cook, John E Cook, Mac Rockwell Corwin, Clifton Z Jr Couch Jr,
Robert R Cummings, Alfred Hugh Cunningham, Daniel John Dalier, Asher Danie,
J C Jr Daugherty,Jr, Lorenzo De La Cruz, Rolland W Demo,
Robert Karl Derby, David I Jr Dodson, Jr, Raymond Edmund Dolan,
Vernon J Doucette, Thomas L Doufexis, Charles Drengberg,
William Chris Driskill, James Robert Duffin, James Keyser Eagan,
Robert Eaton, Raymond C Ellis, Charles E Elmore, William E Enas,
Wendell Charles Endsley, David E Jr England Jr,
Richard D Espinoza, Elwood R Essler, William L Farabee, Robert W Faris, Preston Stackpole Jr Fay Jr,
James R Fisher, Wayne Floyd Fisher, Fidel Guzman Flores, Donald Wayne Forbes, Frank H Forney,
Edsel Grady Forrester, Vance Frazier, Anton Joseph Freer, Elvin E French, Ralph T Fukumoto, Kemper Fuller,
Charles M Fuson, Frank R Gallegos,
Harry A Garrett, Humberto Garza, Nathan Gilbert,
Paul Goldsborough, Roger Gonzales, Clifford B Griggs,
Billy L Gross, Mitsuo Hamada,
Harold Eugene Hancock, Edward John Hanrahan, Floyd H Harkins,
Merlin L Harper,
Baxter R Jr Harvel Jr,
James F Haynam, Daniel E Healy, Frederick Heinlein, Gerald G Heither,
William F Henry,
Richard C Henson, Wayne M Herron, Rollo D Hibbs, Willard P Hodge,
Ishmael D Hogston,
Earl L Holland, Robert E Holland, Richard G Hooten, Earl G Hopkins,
John C Houser,
James L Howard,
Leslie D Hudson, Ray D Hulsey, Fletcher Marion Hutchins, Robert E Hynes, Charles E Ivey, Charles Edward Jarrett, Kermit E Jenkins,
William C Jenkins,
Austin Clifford Jenson, Frank H Johnson, Warren H Jordan, Ralph A Joseph, Robert E Kirby, William M Jr Kitchens Jr, David R Kittleson,
Allan L Knox,
Fabian Tom Kotaro,
Clarence E Krei,
Earl B Kresen,
Robert Albert Kueny,
Robert L Lanier, James M T Larsen, Joseph Laukaitis, Ernest W Jr Ledger Jr, Felix S Lee, Eugene L Leitch, Ronald Norman Levasseur, Frederick Adrian Ley, Carl H Lindquist,
Cecil Loncasesion,
Allan D MacLean,
Eddie R Mahone,
Louis Charles Maid, Hubert David Mark,
Clarence A Martin, Bruce Jr Mathewson Jr, Edward R Maury,
Delmar Eugene, Neely T McCaleb,
Wayne Homer McCuskey, William McDaniel, Gerard McKiernan, James Hamilton McRoberts, Alfonso L Mendoza,
Norman B Jr Miller Jr, Robert F Miller, Robert Allington Minser, Edwin L Mitchel, Grady Purden Jr, Mitchell Jr, Linus D Mitchel,
Jessie Monday, Howard E Moore,
Donald S Moran, Herbert Frederick Morgan, Robert L Moses,
Joseph F Mura, Arthur R Musgrave,
Angelo A Musone,
George R Jr Nedley, Jr, William Nicholoson, William J Nutter,
Byron M Jr Otwell Jr, Franklin A Owens, Horace Pace, Richard M Paden,
Roosevelt Page, Thomas F Palmer, Gary N Parker,
Richard Alvin Parker, Carl B Parsons, Willie Patrick, Jimmy F Pearson,
Troy Penland,
James H Pennington, Joffrey Perez, Jesse L Preston, James Daniel Puckett, Robert H Quillman, Harold Wilbert Reed,
Nathaniel Reed,
Philip Anthony Reynolds, Oscar V Rikke, Claude L Jr Riner Jr,
John Robnett, Kenneth Rohrbacher, Frank L Rosales, James S Rose, Leff V Royal, William Robert Russell, Anthony Ray Salena, Harvey F Saxton,
William A Jr Schmader Jr, Darrell H Scott, Marle D Scott,
Robert Norman Severson, John G Sheehan, John Carlton Shelnutt, Gerald I Shepler, Robert L Siggins, James R Simmons, Frank P Simon, Richard Emery Sims, Ben T Jr Smith Jr, Richard E Smith, Lester Irving Sowell, Thomas C Stagg, James M Stephens,
Paul Norman Storaasli, Robert Styslinger, John L Sullivan, James E Swainbank, Walter M Sweatt, Kenneth Swenson,
Issiah Tansil,
Jack O Taylor,
Joseph A Thomson, James Ernest Thorash, Edward Edyert Thorn,
James Ernest Thrash,
Gerald David Tillman, Atlee Bryn Trainer, Thomas E Tredway, John H Trusckewicz, Emil Trynoski, Benjamin F Twiddy, Robert L Tyler, Alfre Underbaggage, Christopher Y Vars, Robert M Vetter, Andrew Emil Vollo, Harold B Vortherms, Louis E Waiwaiole,
Franklin Wakefield, John W Watlington, Cecil H Watters,
Orville L Watts, Stanley S Webb, Edward F White, Ralph H Whitney,
Donald Roy Williams, Herbert H Williams, Milton L Williams,
William Charles Wolf, Floy A Woodring, Robert J Jr Wright Jr,
Melvin Leon Yarbrough, William Frederick Zeltman,


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