Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 27 1950

(first year of the "police action" begun under Truman)

From the front page of the Syracuse Herald-Journal

UN 'Victory Drive in Danger of Collapse'
-No letup-
Reservists rushed to the front.
Big casualty list indicated.

Tokyo (AP)--
Complete collapse of the United Nations en-the-war offensive was threatened tody by heavy new Chinese attacks on the frozen northwest Korean front.[snip]

"Chinese and North Korean Red troops have dealt a stunning blow to United Nations forces. The offensive that rolled forward for two days has been stopped cold. UN troops are on the defensive after giving up most of their gains."[snip]

Field dispatches indicated heavy Allied casualties. An indirect censorship settle over operations as a security measure.

In Tokyo, General MacArthur's spokesman said the Chinese counter blows were expected. he asserted that the UN offenisve which MacArthur hoped would end the war by Chrismas, was halted "temporarily" but is continuing.[snip]

Correspondent Whitehead said the "reversal in battle fortunes came with startling suddenness and the Eighth Army is battling to hold the southward surge of Red Troops."


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