Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 30, 1950 --- Truman hints use of A-bombs

November 30, 1950 front page of Mansfield News-Journal

Truman hints use of A-bombs
Chinese Reds cut off Marine Division
Foe Opens Two-Way AssaultDeclares U.N. Won't Give Up Korea Mission
Northwest Front Strangely Quiet
Tokyo -- (UP)-- Communist China suddenly shifted its offensive, to northeast Korea today and cut off the entire U.S. First Marine division and part of an Army division in a furious ne two-way assault.

The Chinese Reds sliced across supply roads behind the Marines and two regiments of the U.S. Seventh division and at the same time launched a heavy fronal attack against the northernmost Leathernecks on the west side of the Chosin reservoir.

Washington - (AP) - President Truman said today active consideration is being given to use of the atomic bomb against the Chinese communists if that step is necessary.

The President spoke of this possibility at a news conference in which he also expresssed continued hope a third world war can be averted.


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