Saturday, March 10, 2007

11 Mar 1951 -- US troops driving against 19-mile Red fortified line

Page 1, Waterloo Sunday Courier

Three US divisions today pushed close to a Chinese Red fortified line, 19 miles long and five miles deep, defending the key enemy position in central Korea.

The Communists rushed in reserves to replace losses of 30,000 in four days.

The enemy defense line extended from a mountainous area south of Hongchon, a Red army headquarters, west for 19 miles to the Pukhan [?] River.

The US First marine division, moving methodically over ridges within eight m iles of Hongchon, rammed for the first time into the Chinese 298th [?] division

Officers said this was the only reserve division of the Chinese 66th [?] army which has headquarters at Hongchon. Its other two divisions already were in the line.


March 11, 1951 -- 28 Americans died for Korean freedom

Charles Bailey 1932 Alabama
Edward M Barron 1928 Pennsylvania
Edgar D Bauman 1931 California
Leon John Bernal Jr 1921 Missouri
Robert W Booth 1927 Massachusetts
Glenn H Byrd 1927 Indiana
James M Cooper 1930 Arkansas
Harold M Crow 1927 Texas
Garland E Darter 1922 California
Felix Raymond Fajkus 1920 Texas
Glenn H Gipson 1929 Kentucky
Norman L Gleaton 1920 Texas
Arthur L Graham 1928 Texas
Harold W Hatley 1927 Texas
Jo Hoffman 1929 Ohio
Roosevelt Horton 1931 Arkansas
William G Metcalf 1929 California
James A Morgan 1931 California
Tom William Naney 1931 Oklahoma
Laurence H Nelson 1932 New York
Andrew Orzehowski 1929 Pennsylvania
William Penington 1926 Washington
Frederick Perrotta 1928 New York
Eugene J Praska 1929 North Dakota
Larry Shannon 1932 Michigan
Thomas O Smith 1918 Illinois
Edgar Sullivan 1926 Mississippi
Julian Tamayo Tovar 1929 Texas