Monday, December 18, 2006

On this date, December 18, 1950 --12 Americans gave their lives for Korea

James A Dilver 1927 Maryland  
Manuel Harris 1923 Texas  
Lonnie Hockaday 1929 Pennsylvania  
Jefferson Johnson 1923 California  
Robert V Martin 1931 Iowa  
Aubrey W Mize 1919 Oklahoma  
Charlie Jr Mullins Jr 1926 Illinois  
Eugene Roberson 1918 Georgia  
Alfred L Salter 1928 Pennsylvania  
William A Tilghman 1927 Maryland  
Ivey E Vickers 1923 Alabama  
Douglas C Wilson 1916 Wisconsin  

Syracuse Herald-Journal December 18, 1950
Front page

Truman Will Request Extra Crisis Power
Washington (AP)
President Truman told his Congressional leaders today he needs additional powers in the fields of government contracts and organization in order to deal with the world crisis.

House Speaker Rayburn (D. Tex.) said after a 90-minute White House conference that Mr. Truman indicated he would send a specific request to the Capitol as soon as the necessary papers could be drafted.

House Democratic Leader McCormack (Mass.) said he understood Mr. Truman would ask restoration of powers formerly available to the President under titles on and two of the first War Powers Act.

Title one of theat World War II law allowed the pesident to "create, consolidate, transfer or abolish" bureaus and agencies in the interest of more efficient government.

Title two authorized the President to delegate to war agencies the power to enter into war contracts without regard to existing legal restrictions. This, in effect, provides for contract renegotiation.

In addition to Rayburn and McCormack, the other members of the Congressional "Big Four" -- Vice President Barkley and Senate Democratic Leader Lucas (Ill.) -- attended the conference.

They said the first hour was devoted entirely to a thorough military briefing by Secretary of Defense Marshall, the joint chiefs of staff and the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force, but declined to tell reporters anything about that.


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